Live in Amsterdam

Live in Amsterdam
Polydor: LP 2679098, 26 46 103 MC 3540103 CD 527207-2
  1. Oost-West Express (Peter Weekers / arr. Flairck) 8:20
  2. De Stoomwals (Peter Weekers) 6:35
  3. Aoife (Erik Visser) 6:45
  4. Reklame (M. de Garriga) 0:14
  5. De Eerste Dag Na Je Vertrek (Erik Visser / arr. Flairck) 17:50
  6. April 3rd / De Vlinder (Erik Visser / Trad. / arr. Flairck) 14:30
  7. Voorspel In Sofia (Peter Weekers / Erik Visser) 9:00
  8. Variates Op En Dame (Erik Visser) 19:35

This double album contains recordings that were made on the evening of the 31st of March in the Nieuwe dela Mar theatre in Amsterdam. One of the four sides is covered by The Day You Left, a composition that had been part of the repertoire for quite some time but was never released on record, because it is based on improvosations, and gets off much better in front of an audience than in a studio. Most other pieces come from the album Variations on a Lady and The Lady's Back, but these live recordings are very different from the studio versions. Four solos are added in the opening number, East-west Express, a harp is used in Aoife and April 3rd starts with a sitar improvisation. On Variations on a Lady the slow first part is left out and the flute improvisation is extended. The encore Sofia's Foreplay leads to a love scene between two birds.

Peter Weekers - Powell dwarsfluit, Yamaha piccolo, de Kupper altfluit, panfluiten, Indiase bamboofluit, Uilleann pipes, Lindholm spinet
Sylvia Houtzager - viool van Nicolas Vuilaume, Hardanger viool, Salvi harp, panfluit
Erik Visser - Bozo, Guild en Triumph 12 snarige gitaren, Fylde 6 snarige gitaar, Kashua Vina sitar, Ebow panfluit
Hans Visser - Klassicke gitaren van Dieter Henze en Manuel Contreras, Guild akoestische basgitaar, panfluit