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Flairck & Basily - Global Orchestra: CD

Flairck & Basily - Global Orchestra: CD
Recorded with The Van Mobile at Stadstheater Zoetermeer, Holland, May 28th 2010. Mixed, Edited and Mastered by Paul Schuurman and Erik Visser. Produced by Erik Visser. Audio settings: PCM 2.0 Audio.
  1. Intro 0:21
  2. Antara (Popy Basily) 3:12
  3. Cembalon Intro (Marius Preda) 1:46
  4. Minor Swing (Django Reinhart/Stephane Grappelli) 3:04
  5. Contrabass Flute / Rain (Lorre Trytten) 0:33
  6. Gipsy Emigrant (Traditional/Erik Visser) 6:36
  7. Prelude In A-Minor (Manuel Ponce) 3:03
  8. Riviera (Popy Basily) 2:52
  9. Violin Intro (Erik Visser/Luluk Purwanto) 2:03
  10. Variations On A Gypsy Lady (Erik Visser) 6:41
  11. Gypsy Party (Traditional/Basily) 2:09
  12. Awen Nachas (Traditional/Basily) 3:55
  13. Circus Tziganesky (Erik Visser/Traditional/Basily) 13:13
  14. Dank Je Wel 0:12
  15. Es Lilin (Traditional/Luluk Purwanto) 2:03
  16. Valse De Niglo (Traditional/Basily) 4:03
  17. Cembalon Intro (Marius Preda) 1:10
  18. Aquelarre (Pablo Ortiz) 7:38
  19. Dark Eyes (Traditional/Basily) 7:28
  20. Applause 0:36
  21. Popy's Guitar Intro (Popy Basily) 1:01
  22. Wooden Gipsy Wedding (Erik Visser) 4:35
  23. Applause 0:28

Flairck, established in the late seventies, has always been a group with an unpredictable style of instrumental and acoustic music. The group has cooperated with a vast number of great musicians and has played over 2500 concerts worldwide. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary in 2007 Flairck released a 22 CD box.

In the eighties Flairck frontman Erik Visser met the talented young musicians of the Basily gipsy family in their hometown Delft, Holland. He produced the Basily debut album 'Antara' (1 990) and the second album 'La Bikina' (1993).

Over the years Basily developed a new style of jazz mixed with original and traditional gipsy influences. The group is now known internationally and performs at big jazz festivals all over Europe, in Asia and the US. They even played at a private Rolling Stones party.

In 2008 violinist Tucsi Basily and Erik Visser initiated a collaboration between gipsy musicians and a variety of instrumentalists from different countries and backgrounds. In the summer of 2009 this World-Music-orchestra gave its first performances at the International Gipsy Festival and the well known Boulevard Festival.

The enthusiastic responses to the instrumental acrobatics of this large band created a follow up. The first Global Orchestra tour took place in the spring of 2010. The last concert of this tour was filmed and is featured entirely on this first Global Orchestra DVD. For the audio CD some tracks have been shortened, while keeping the construction of the music intact.

Global Orchestra is a pact between the musicians of Flairck and Basily, in collaboration with Indonesian jazz violinist Luluk Purwanto, Hungarian percussionist Antal Steixner and Rumanian cimbalon player Marius Preda.

Together they form the flexible ranks of this orchestra, which is meant to be a forum for musicians from different background aiming towards a "new approach to old traditions".