The New Flairck

After many years of success, after over 22 albums published and after thousands of concerts performed all over the world, FLAIRCK opens a new chapter in its history and passes now the torch to a new generation.

Guitarist and bass player Pablo Ortiz, who joined the band back in 2007, now leads a brand new line-up of talented young musicians featuring the extraordinary bassist and composer Joris Vanvinckenroye and the three astonishing virtuous violinists Liesbeth Lambrecht, Mart Flecijn and Zhazira Ukeyeva.

This new team of amazing musicians create a brand new FLAIRCK sound that, following the tradition of the band and with the guidance of the original founders Peter Weekers and Erik Visser, bring back the powerful energy, the instrumental acrobatic virtuosity and the band’s unique music style to project them into new horizons.

The new show, an unforgettable explosion of color and sound, combines new music with new versions of some of the band’s classic repertoire. A unique music-theater experience with a story and music inspired by the mysterious mythology around the 3 ancient muses (memory, contemplation and song) and the 3 moirai of destiny (the spinner, the allotter and the unturnable), characters incarnated in the unique styles of the 3 new violinists of the band. The show is an invitation to the audience to share the past, the present and the future of this legendary acoustic band with its characteristic style, theatrical humor and instrumental intensity.

This is the new FLAIRCK. New faces, same spirit. As usual, something different. A new approach to old traditions.

Photography Pieter Clicteur (c) 2016