Back Alive!

Back Alive!
Produced by FLAIRCK
Recorded and edited by Joris Vanvinckenroye
Mixed by Jesse De Roo & FLAIRCK
Mastered at Elektropolis by Uwe Teichert
Artwork by Wilfried Pulinckx
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  1. Sick Muse (Ashes and Smoke) 4:51
  2. Nepeta Cataria 7:00
  3. Storm Waltz 7:35
  4. Basta Suite 7:02
  5. Sick Muse (The Flower) 6:54
  6. Back to Bass 5:04
  7. The Stoned Wedding 5:54
  8. Peter's Weekend 5:25
  9. Sick Muse (The Fire) 9:06

'Back Alive!' is Flairck’s new studio album.

It is the first album of a new generation of musicians that, since 2017, gathered together to open a new chapter in the history of the group. In this record, the new line-up is experimenting with new directions, presenting brand new compositions and exposing the great instrumental skills of the new members, while empowering Flairck’s characteristic acoustic sound.

A new horizon for an old band.

Flairck is Back Alive!