Kamers/Chambers video CD

Kamers/Chambers video CD
Production: Erik Visser, Michel Grens & Pam Werdler for Flairck b.v.
  1. The Engine Room (M.Grens)
  2. The Bedroom (B.v.d. Berg/E.Visser)
  3. The Garden (E.Visser)
  4. The View (M.Grens)
  5. The Workrooms (E.Visser/D.Wiersma)
  6. Rhapsody (B.v.d. Berg)
  7. The Wooden Wedding (E.Visser/P.Weekers)
  8. The Velvet Room (E.Visser)
  9. The City (E.Visser)

Production for videotape and video-CD: Marcel van Rooijen & Paul Kalshoven.
Video editor: Nico Franken.
Viedo facilities: Studio 88 AV, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
CD available on D&K records, catalogue number 86055-2, distributed by Dino Music, The Netherlands.
Flairck uses d'Addario strings, Hohner accordeons, Tama drums and Zildjan cymbals.