Circus Hiëronymus Bosch (Flairck & Corpus)

Circus Hiëronymus Bosch (Flairck & Corpus)
Recorded by The Van Studios at the Deventer Schouwburg, 19th, 20th of January 2002. Executive DVD production: Hans de Deugd (Digimode Entertainment Ltd.) and Hans Visser (Multipro) DVD produced by Erik Visser for Flairck & Corpus Theaterfestival Bouleva
  1. Overture (Erik Visser) 7:24
  2. Creation (Erik Visser) 10:25
  3. Circus of Life (intro) (Erik Visser) 2:36
  4. Laziness (Eric Vaarzon Morel) 8:25
  5. Vanity (Nihad Hrustanbegovic) 5:59
  6. Lust (Erik Visser) 6:52
  7. Jealousy (Erik Visser) 2:56
  8. Circus of Life (coda) (Erik Visser) 3:23
  9. The Blue Barge (Erik Visser) 4:41
  10. Hell (Erik Visser) 17:29
  11. Hesitation (Erik Visser) 6:28
  12. Heaven (Erik Visser) 14:23
  13. Finale (Erik Visser) 3:20
  14. Credits (Erik Visser) 1:01

The 'acrobatic' musicians of Flairck, Holland's foremost acoustic band and the 'musical' acrobats of Corpus, the well-known acrobatic theatre group from Amsterdam have joined forces in a new theatrical circus production called Circus Hieronymus Bosch.

For five hundred years after painting his unparalleled masterpieces, the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch has never ceased to astonish those who have come into contact with his work.

This production was inspired by a long search for the meaning of the work by this most secretive master-painter of the Low Lands. It will be performed by an international cast of acrobats, dancers, musicians and technicians.

Circus Hiëronymus Bosch main menu
Flairck the musicians (multi-angle)
Corpus the acrobats (multi-angle)
Hiëronymus Bosch the paintings and an introduction about the painter and the performance
Extra's behind the scenes interview with composer and choreographer, biographies of all artists
Audio settings: Dolby digital 20.-stereo and Dolby digital 5.1-surround
Index 11 instrumental tracks, 2 subtitled songs and credits

Compositions and text by Erik Visser
Choreograohy by Vincent Michels
Directed by Christian Taguet (assisted by Peter Post)
Guitar improvisation 'Laziness' by Eric Vaarzon Morel
Accordion improvisation 'Vanity' by Nihad Hrustanbegovic