produced by Erik Visser, Austerlitz, Holland, 2004. Mastered at Baby Records by Marcel Kramer, Janek Horzinek, and Erik Visser.
  1. Mister O'Connor (trad./ E. Visser) 03:27 mp3
  2. De Overtocht (E. Visser) 06:09 mp3
  3. Lola (E. Visser) 03:43 mp3
  4. Lios na Banriona (N. Casey / arr. E. Visser) 02:07 mp3
  5. Aoife (E. Visser) 05:09 mp3
  6. The Spell is Broken (P. Pleijsier) 03:08 mp3
  7. Separation of Soul and Body (trad./ E. Visser) 02:17 mp3
  8. Carolan's Concerto (trad./ E. Visser) 01:56 mp3
  9. Wachet Auf Ruft uns die Stimme (J.S.Bach/ arr. E. Visser) 02:58 mp3
  10. Het Park (E. Visser) 02:57 mp3
  11. Morgan Magan (trad./ E. Visser) 03:03 mp3
  12. De Amsterdamse Grachten (P. Shot/ arr. E. Visser) 02:49 mp3
  13. Beet (E. Visser) 02:48 mp3
  14. De Royale Prinses (trad./ E. Visser) 02:55 mp3
  15. Antoinette (E. Visser) 03:57 mp3
  16. Stars and Stripes (J.P. Sousa / arr. E. Visser) 03:25 mp3

I always planned to record a solo album , however, since my Irish busking days I have been working with the group Flairck; The last 25 year have brought 20 albums, nearly 2000 concerts, and little time to concentrate on solo work. Flairck decided to celebrate its silver jubilee by taking a break, which has allowed me to re-focus on where it all began: the guitar. I have lived in both Ireland and the Netherlands and this album clearly reflects both of these contexts. Ironically I found it took much longer to create an album with one musician than with many. When the Gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers!