Masters: CD 8042-040 MC 8042-035 Gold (Galaxy Music): 2320022
  1. De Houten Bruiloft / The Wooden Wedding (Visser/Weekers) 5:27
  2. De Smid / The Blacksmith (Trad/Visser) 8:43
  3. Tango (Visser) 5:42
  4. De Tol / The Toll (Stolk) 5:52
  5. Thin Air (Weekers) 2:31 mp3
  6. Syldavishe Wals / Syldavian Waltz (Houtzager/Beunen) 5:27
  7. Amsterdamse Grachten / The Canals of Amsterdam (P.Shott/Arr. Visser) 2:27
  8. De Klopjacht / The Hunt (Weekers) 5:15 mp3
  9. Andante Poco A Poco Presto Ma Non Troppo (Visser) 5:26
  10. Nieuwe Nederlandse Dansmuziek / New Dutch Dance Music (Visser/Weekers) 4:26
  11. De Emigrant / The Emigrant (Trad/Visser) 9:57

This CD contains recordings of Flairck concerts in 1989 and 1990. From a diversity of concerts in Holland, Germany and Japan, best recordings were selected. It's a selection of compositions which members of Flairck wrote since the foundation in 1978, with an accent on the most recent work.

Sylvia Houtzager: violin, sopranino-violin, cello-violin, Salvi concert harp, Hohner accordeon, amadinda, anklung, lyra, wooden shoes
Peter Weekers: silverflute, bassflute, piccolo, panpipes, bass-panpipes, sampogna (South American panpipes), Uilleann pipes, bambooflute, tin whistle, amadinda, marimba, congas, steeldrum, pebbles, wooden shoes, suitcase-accordeon, milkbottles
Erik Visser: double-neck guitar, resonance guitar, 6 s. guitar, tanburu, 12 s. guitar, 5 s. banjo, sitar, timpani, wooden shoes
Stan Stolk: double bass, acoustic bass guitar, gong, snare, wooden shoes