Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand
Produced by Mike Batt EMI: CD CDP 7662342 LP 1273001 MC 1273004
  1. At the Blacksmith's Hand (part 1) (trad, E. Visser) 4:46 mp3
  2. Sleight of Hand (E. Visser, P.Weekers) 6:07 mp3
  3. Behind the Glass Curtain (P.Weekers) 5:00 mp3
  4. Trick of the Night (P. Weekers/M. Batt, A. Hill) 4:01 mp3
  5. Walk Upon Dreams (trad, E. Visser/P. Sinfield) 4:39 mp3
  6. Seven Card Tango (E. Visser) 4:32 mp3
  7. Thin Air (P. Weekers) 3:30 mp3
  8. The Lady Shuffles (E. Visser) 1:06
  9. At the Blacksmith's Hand (part 2) (trad, E. Visser) 3:52

In 1986 the idea arose to use the musicians and instruments of Flairck in a number of illusions: a guitar falling apart, floating flutes and disappearing persons, the appearance of a violinist in a balloon. These acts were put onto stage during concerts. The album Sleight of Hand is the musical impression of this period. It was recorded in London and produced by Mike Batt.
The album was made with the aid of a Fairlight computer/synthesizer.
Four of the nine pieces are sung by English singer Maggie Reilly, but are also performed in instrumental arrangements.

Sylvia Houtzager - violin, harp
Peter Weekers - flutes, panpipes
Erik Visser - guitars, bouzouki
Stan Stolk - double bass
Robert Vink - cembalom, percussion
Special thanks to guest vocalist Maggie Reilly